the idiots' guide to the big picture

Concentrating on individual problems we often don't see the forest for the trees. But when the big picture is contemplated, it seems to work perfectly, - not for you, the average citizen, but for the powers that set it up and control it. Let's see how the system works.

You go to work, earn your salary, then spend it to buy products you and others produced at inflated prices making the bosses rich. If you don't have enough dough to buy what you want, they'll lend it to you at inflated rates plunging you into debt and... making themselves rich in the process. If you have a small business, you work 24/7 to survive.

Basic education is needed to perform the work for them so it's free - to them, not to you, you pay for it with your taxes and they often find loopholes to contribute nothing at all. To further your education in college, you might learn stuff and become a picky consumer - not what they want. So to discourage the consuming masses to educate themselves, let's make it prohibitively expensive so that only the elite can advance and continue to rule. Moreover, let's propagate the value of stuff, rather than education, and set up the media propaganda system that depends on our commercials to survive.

To make sure the masses are not exposed to the bosses' lavish lifestyle and bar access to the rulers, let's set up the police that  punishes those who transgress in any way. Moreover, let their taxes pay for the force and their bare-bottom needs to make sure they don't rebel.

Create a fake system of justice and institutions so that the masses would have a vent for their frustrations, file their grievances and wait for results - for years.  Let's charge them an arm and a leg if they want to try the rigged legal system. They'll go bankrupt, get tired and give up.

Let them eat cheap crap, make them fat,  then treat them in the most expensive health care system in the world. Stuff them with chemicals, hormones, antibiotics and create diseases, then push overpriced medicines to treat them; convince them that self-indulgence is a right, not a vice. Most importantly, convince them that good health is a luxury, not a human right.

Take their minds off their problems with escapist entertainment, tempting consumerism and god who will give them a better life upstairs, but only after they're dead. Make them believe that this life could be theirs if they work hard, submit to the existing laws and consume, consume, consume...

Let's promote individualism, divide and conquer, so that the suffering of others would not inspire much protest.  Let's ridicule and shame the feeble and the weak and idolize the pursuit of happiness at all costs even if it tramples other poor schmucks.  Let's promote salary non-disclosure so that you could earn less than your coworker doing the same job.  And finally, let's tell them you can join us, the VIPs, if you work hard - for us.

Why this system was set up? To increase the bottom line - not yours, theirs. No matter what your question or dilemma is, look for the bottom line - it will always provide a clue and an answer. Ask yourself when you hear, see or asked to donate or do anything: who is benefiting from this?

In this country of insatiable consumerism, where you're bombarded with shameless, relentless, obnoxious and sometimes sophisticated spin=propaganda=marketing etc., how do you protect yourself and see through those pitches and spin? Simple: always ask yourself who's gaining what?

The bottom line rules in America with no moral qualms. Creating fear = creating business. How many tapes were sold to seal the houses after the anthrax scare? Why funerals cost $$$? Because this business thrives on your grief. Why medical costs are so high? Because if you don't pay you die or suffer. Why all the tech gadgets are introduced with 1 or 2 improvements at a time and not all at once? You pay for the first one, then the second and so forth - more money to be made. Why the roads are not covered with coating that actually saves your tires and lives (it exists)? Make a guess...Examples are everywhere.

What can you do? Question everything and everybody. Dig deep to find out who's profiting from what. Don't be lazy to educate yourself: knowledge is power. And if you are smart enough and knowledgeable enough to be too threatening to the powers, maybe - just maybe - they will want to buy you and let you join their ranks. Deep down isn't it what almost every American wants? Aaaah, to dream the impossible dream...To help you started, watch the documentary The American Ruling Class - yes, it exists according to its members' amazingly candid and shocking admissions...(check Links on the right).  For deeper analysis and documentary evidence watch THE CENTURY OF THE SELF (link on the right) and/or read the review

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