Some time ago a conservative guest on Bill Maher's show Real Time with Bill Maher said:"We got no money" when asked about providing health insurance coverage for sick children. The host, an outspoken critic of America's problems, said... nothing! Such is the state of mind in this country that "no money" argument is acceptable even for critics of the system in the world's richest country. Maher should have persisted asking about the priorities his guest would rather spend the available funds for. Between a dying child and the military that is supposedly "fighting for his future"; roads for business and private use so that the economy will thrive and you could ride your car; providing tax breaks to anyone?! Which of these or any other deserving purposes would you give your money to if you knew you're condemning a child to death?

Too bad, no one is asking these questions in America because in this land of plenty money is more important then a human life. They may proclaim an embryo as human, but willing to kill if you disagree while abandoning the existing children to suffering and death.

So let's look at what would have happened if money was taken out of...


your government will work for you, the voter, and not the biggest campaign contributor
politicians would actually spend time trying to solve YOUR problems rather then spend most of their time and effort searching for campaign donors
anyone could be elected to office, not only money-bags and corrupted influence peddlers
decision-making and laws would be independent of who-gave-what and pay-backs
new parties would have a chance to be created and survive with equal fund distribution
new ideas and solutions could be heard from the 99% rather then those who control them
actual democracy, not its theatrical stage version, might be born


access to the public through media would be spread equally between political candidates
media outlets will not depend on corporate sources for survival thus controlling and corrupting the messages and news you get
reporters and their bosses will be working for you and will not be afraid to challenge the big business and the "big brother"
you will be getting actual news and info you need instead of endless mind-controlling "feed" and dumbing-down commercials


profit will be eliminated bringing down the costs to a fraction of the current expenditures
newly out-of-business insurance companies won't encourage food and other industries to produce patients to fill hospital beds
prevention, not treatment, will be emphasized
everyone will care about everyone's health as we will all be paying for each other
food industry will be forced to comply with healthy food standards
ditto for all industrial polluters and contributors to health risks
government subsidies will be diverted from unhealthy food production to small organic farms avoiding harmful substances to humans, animals and the environment
employers will not have to carry all health care expenses for employees opening more employment opportunities for those with illnesses and older workers
the entire human body will be covered including teeth, eyes and feet currently "luxuries" in most medical programs
medical research will explore the most needed remedies regardless of their costs, including natural, not the ones with high revenue potential


colleges and universities will accept students from all walks of life, capable academically, not financially.
research facilities will be independent providing true results, not the ones "ordered" by funders.
science can concentrate its efforts on research beneficial for most, not just industrial applications or luxury items

You can think of many other benefits and other sectors that will benefit from money excision.

And now for the big question: HOW DO WE PAY FOR IT ALL? Before we answer that, please, calculate the current taxes, payments, co-payments, contributions, deductibles, fees, charges etc. you spend for various causes to protect yourself. Got that? Now, even if you had to spend THE SAME AMOUNT going to direct care and not someone else's profits it will be a drastic improvement already. Add to that all the cuts in overhead for private companies, multi-billion lobbying expenses (that you the consumer is paying for in higher prices) plus many more expenses and hidden costs associated with running a business - all passed on to you - and it turns out that you will actually stop paying for corporations fleecing you with your own money!

Moreover, it's not a fictional utopia - many democratic countries have been running such a system for decades. Their populations are happier, healthier and their societies are more humane with less crime as a result. Socialism, you say? Do you know what the word means or you're just repeating that old scary bogeyman word that was brainwashed into you with your mother's milk? Still afraid? No, it's not socialism, it's capitalism with a human face where everyone is contributing their fair share to the benefit of all and NO ONE COMPLAINS. They would not have it any other way.

Still think your monthly expenses are not taxes? Another bogeyman word intraveined into your system to provide an immediate negative response. Guess what: you're paying more in various expenses covered under their system than they pay in taxes!

In those countries social benefits include 35 work hours per week, 6 week vacations, 1 year maternity and paternity leaves, universal healthcare, guaranteed additional replacement days if you get sick during your vacations, 100% salary during your sick days, 6 additional weeks off with free health spa treatments on doctor's recommendation in Germany, etc.etc.etc! Moreover, there's some kind of holiday - days off - every month! How much would you spend to get all that?

Their rich don't want to be rich in a poor country where no one can afford their products - it's not charity, it's good business. French millionaires wrote to the president offering to pay more taxes while the country is in trouble. Warren Buffett may talk the talk, but no offers coming from him yet...

American rich like to grab all they can in profits paying low salaries, outsourcing production, discouraging or fighting with unions, controlling laws and regulatory measures, charging high prices for their products etc. Then, after amassing millions and billions they will never spend, they like to play charity and "donate" a fraction of the loot portraying themselves as benefactors and preserving their names for posterity.

Winston Churchill once said:" You can always count on Americans to do the right thing - after they've tried everything else" Maybe there's hope...

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