DEMS' FAILURES: an ongoing saga

Hopefully, this title will attract readers of all persuasions: conservatives – for obvious reasons, democrats - to find out “what else is new”, as well as sensible folk who determine their own truths by listening to all sides.

8 year reign of Bush should be attributed not only to GOP’s skillful spin and shameless tactics, but also to the failure of many democratic efforts to reach the general public, especially the other side. Conservatives managed to sway the undecided by inducing fear and enacting decisive measures (even if they turn out to be disastrous in the end) Republicans are notorious for infusing negative meaning into innocent words - latte-drinking liberal etc.,- or creating their own slurs (tree hugger). Democrats cannot even come up with a clear term for universal health care. "Single Payer System"? Gimme a break!

How about paying attention to both sides before listening to folks who fire up your most negative emotions and twist your brain into a pliable mass (those lazy bastards who borrowed what they couldn't pay back; those illegals who take our jobs etc.etc.) If you have an aversion to reading anything, Link TV on channel 27 on weekends is a good start.( for schedule and online viewing)

Thinking individuals are reasonable people hoping to convince others with valid arguments and facts no matter how unpleasant they might be. Their message: sometimes a bitter medicine is required to cure a disease. Problem is, many Americans do not like swallowing bitter pills and turn to a candy on a string that pulls them into an abyss (ex: tax cuts followed by war). Unable to foresee possible consequences, they chose a leader who “did something” to alleviate their immediate frustration However, if these same people were asked to choose a doctor for their own or their child’s illness would they choose a likable “guy-like-me” with mediocre school grades or a well-educated bore? More often than not, they would rethink their choice.

Dems have a problem of relating to different groups of people on their level from their own point of view. In one of his books Michael Moore issued some excellent guidelines as to how to present the facts to conservative-minded individuals. However, his exuberant and mocking films alienated that same audience who saw themselves in the objects of his ridicule...


...WTF is "single payer" or even "public option" for that matter? How could dems be so detached from the middle America they were trying to convince that the health care reform was good for them? They're preaching to the converted and the current rare Dems majority is the result of Bush's screw-ups rather than dems' wins. Why republicans are so much more versatile in language? Death Panels, Death Tax, the dreaded word Socialism so successfully vilified even though most Americans have no idea what it really means. The progressive educated democrats cannot even come up with effective slogans to win the public over. Want suggestions? How about Medicare for All, Medical coverage from Cradle to Grave etc. - let's see how GOP will fight against that...


Obama...Obama... so much hope, so much disappointment...I can hear Jackie Mason in my head: you don't like my plan? Alright, I'll change wanna keep the war? OK,ok, I'll send more troops...

This nice guy who doesn't like confrontation and wants to please everyone is ridiculed by those he tried to win over to his side. Worse, he is losing support of like-minded public that propelled him to power hoping for true change. What a waste of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to move this individualistic and self-centered society to more humane view of the world.

Obama's choice was a Solomon's dilemma: become a legendary historical figure by executing drastic changes and possibly get killed in the process (I can hear Michelle's reminders: I want you home alive!) or show to the whities that a black man can be just like them so that future minority candidates would get a chance. Obama could have been another FDR who instituted the staples everyone now takes for granted: welfare, Medicare and other reforms. But, so far, future minority presidential hopefuls have nothing to fear...

Would Hilary be a better choice? Good question...Some had reservations due to her taking money from rich interests or voting for the Iraq war, but she was a woman scorned with scores to settle... Besides, it would have been a de facto dual presidency with hubby in tow. Unless Obama suddenly gets the balls and pushes through meaningful change the dem's chances of staying in power may fizzle by 2012. Maybe he should step aside and let the lady get a crack at it?


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